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Making a Difference 2011 – GMYN Event December 8th 2011

GMYN welcomed over 70 attendees to its “Making a Difference” event on 8th December. Although it was dark, wet and cold outside, the atmosphere in St Thomas Centre was fantastic! With half of the guests young volunteers and the other half a mixture of partners, funders and beneficiaries, it was a great mixture of people.

The event started with presentations by our young volunteers on our various projects and services including NCS, Give Get Go and Global Xchange. It was great to see such passionate presentations by the young volunteers who all clearly showed how they had enjoyed and benefited from being involved with the projects. We also saw presentations from partners

including ARC, Age Concern and YPSF who talked about their experiences of working with GMYN and what difference the young volunteers has made for their organisations projects and services.

Once the presentations were over, it was time for discussion. the theme of the evening was for young volunteers to facilitate discussions with the delegates. Questions were asked such as “What are the gaps in services for young people?” and “How can we work together to develop new services?” It was great to see such positive discussion and it was just a shame that we ran out of time just when new innovative ideas were being presented. The young volunteers took notes from the discussions and guests were welcomed to write ideas on the paper table cloths.

The evening ended with hot food a chance for networking. The guests were able to chat to the young volunteers and find out more about their experiences and what their future plans are. The final part of the night was to enjoy the food whilst listening

to one of the Global Xchange volunteers – Sangh entertain everyone with his guitar playing and singing.

Overall everyone at GMYN thought the event was a great success and we want to thank everybody who contributed. Particularly we would like to thank all the young volunteers who helped out on the night, the event would not have been the same without you!

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