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ARC Volunteer Day

Over the half term break thirty young people from three different youth centres all over Manchester gave up their time to volunteer at the Agricultural and Rural Centre in Romiley, Stockport. The Young People took part in the day as part of GMYN’s Positive Activities for Young People Project.  ARC is a purpose built centre for adults and children with disabilities and is currently being built and prepared for the grand opening.  The young people arrived at 11am and were given the tasks of making hutches for the various animals the centre will hold. Each team made them into something different like a castle, a train and a city scape. They decided what it would look like, painted it up and ARC had their long term volunteers on hand

to cut wood needed for the turrets and train wheels.The young people also made a goat playground, which the goats were delighted about. The goats were pretty cheeky things, climbing all over it when it was still wet..

The young people really bonded with the animals and had a great day. The experience gave the young people a great taster of volunteering and some have already volunteered elsewhere as a result of the project. They really enjoyed the day.  Paula  Forth ARC’s director said: “it was a wonderful day, the young people were a pleasure and very well behaved. They worked very hard and we absolutely love what they have done”

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